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October 6, 2015
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October 22, 2015

Is Pain Really a Bad Thing?

I think the general perception of pain is a little misguided. We are constantly reminded that if we are experiencing pain we need to get rid of it, often as quickly as possible. The reality is, is if you don’t suffer from any pain, you probably know someone who is. But is pain really a bad thing? Sure, it’s irritating and uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary reaction your body has towards injury, sickness, and/or dysfunction. Pain prevents you from burning your mouth with hot coffee, lets you know what foods you’re allergic to, and that you should stop running on that sprained ankle. It’s there to let you know that something is wrong. Ignoring it won’t heal you or make you stronger, it just makes you hurt more and can potentially make things worse. However, if we can recognize what is causing the pain, it can be used to our advantage. By paying attention to our bodies, we can often alleviate or avoid pain very easily.

It may sound like common sense, but pain isn’t something you should normally feel on a regular basis. That being said, most people are living with pain every day and either putting up with it, or expecting it to resolve itself. Day to day activities like walking, bending, and lifting should NOT cause pain, and if they do then something is wrong. This could be something major, or just your body telling you it needs a little help. The pain itself is not the problem, it’s just the end result. Therefore, it’s important to figure out 1.) what is causing the pain, and 2.) how to correct it. In most cases, the earlier this is done the quicker your recovery becomes.

If you can’t fix what is causing your pain, then seek out someone who can. Starting with conservative and non-invasive options is often the best approach, as many conditions can be treated effectively without significant intervention. A chiropractor is a great starting point. Every day, I have the opportunity to assess people’s pain by evaluating how they move and how their body responds. Interpreting the nature of their body’s pain signals allows me to better understand how to help them feel and function better!

In the end, pain is a necessary evil. It’s never desired, but is vital for your body to protect itself and let you know there is an issue that needs attention. If pain is impacting your daily life, give us a call or send an email. Our goal is always to provide sustainable pain relief through quality care.