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Jaicks Spine + Sport is a comprehensive, functional chiropractor located in Wexford, Pennsylvania, just north of the city of Pittsburgh. Dr. Charles Jaicks, DC strives to provide a unique model of chiropractic care - a highly individualized approach that not only helps his patients experience immediate relief, but helps his patients take their care into their own hands for long term relief and improved functionality. From running marathons, to picking up your kids, to walking up and down stairs...

Jaicks Spine + Sport will help you move better, live better.

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    • David
      Dr. Jaicks has helped me to live with less pain and have more flexibility. I have a torn disc in low back and scoliosis. Treatment through Dr. Jaicks has also helped my golf game both in performance and injury prevention. I was able to increase my ball speed by 20mph under his care and through his recommendations of physical therapy and stretching. I now play golf at the professional level on the US Long Drive Tour and hit my drives 360+ yards.
    • Mark
      Five stars for Dr. Jaicks and his method of helping me solve my pain and tightness. He didn’t just fix my pain, rather he gots at the root cause of the distress and focused on treating it with long term focus. As a gym owner I see the value in this everyday.  I've been to several Chiropractors and no one has given me the attention and care like Dr. Jaicks.  I rely on Dr. Jaicks after a weekend of being in the car to help unload my low back and my hips from sitting for so long. It allows me to train hard, recover better, and move without restriction even after one visit. If you're in pain or have any lingering issues, he is your guy. I feel confident recommending Dr. Jaicks to my friends and family, and wouldn’t hesitant to reach out if you're in pain right now.  He'll get you back to where you need to be quickly.
    • Colin
      I originally went to see Dr. Jaicks seeking relief from back pain and stiffness during my golf game. Not only was the treatment regimen able to keep me on the golf course, but I was also given exercises to do at home which would continue to help me improve beyond my original potential. I then began seeing him for various other injuries which occurred while doing jiu jitsu. Whether it was my shoulder, elbow, or hips, he was able to approach each injury from a perspective which my orthopedic doctors were not able to. I was able to avoid taking several weeks off from the sport while also being able to make a full recovery. The core strengthening exercises have also alleviated lower back pain while sitting at a desk for long periods of time. There isn’t one aspect of life where the improvements have not reached. Thanks to Dr. Jaicks, I now have a totally different approach to healing, recovery, and overall wellness
    • Rachel
      I'm an extremely active person - between running, weight training, and dancing 15+ hours per week, I was starting to have some unilateral issues with my lower back. After two visits, the pain was much improved - not only due to the adjustment, but because Charlie figured out my posture issues - they were aggravating the pain daily. With a simple daily adjustments to my posture and movement, my pain is much improved. Thanks so much!
    • Lisa
      When I made my first appointment with you, I was experiencing significant hip and leg pain and reduced neck mobility.  I had low back pain, stiffness, and discomfort with almost every movement during the day.  The hip and leg pain would wake me several times during the night and I was unable to comfortably sleep on either side.  Stretching and other chiropractic care I was receiving were not solving any of these issues. After just 3 visits with you, I can do those daily activities without ANY pain or discomfort.  My balance has significantly improved, and I’m able to move my neck much more freely, especially when driving.  Your ability to uncover the root cause instead of just “fixing what hurts” and explain my issues has made all the difference. I cannot thank you enough for the positive changes you have helped me create for my life.
    • Billy
      For the last 10 years I’ve periodically experienced severe back tightness and inflammation that has limited my active lifestyle.  When I had my latest setback after an intense workout, I called Charlie for help.  I couldn’t get out of bed without pain, and had to take the day off of work.  After just the first visit, I left feeling 90% better, and was back in the gym doing the things I love the next day!