Treatments & Techniques

Our Unique Treatment Programs

Dr. Jaicks’ extensive education acquired both during school and through various seminars allows him to offer a style of treatment that goes beyond a “conventional chiropractor.” On this page is a list of a few chiropractic services offered at Jaicks Chiropractic of which a combination of are used in each treatment. Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment for more than just back and neck pain! Dr. Jaicks’ continues to further his education in order to provide the most effective care and to best support the needs of his patients.


Adjustments, or joint manipulations, are used to induce proper motion into joints of the spine and extremity that are “stuck” or restricted. Joint restrictions are commonly caused by poor posture, inactivity and tight muscles in that area. These stiff areas can cause other areas of the spine and extremities to move excessively. Too much motion often leads to irritation and inflammation of tissues in that area, eventually leading to joint pain and degeneration if left unattended. Adjusting the areas of immobility restores proper motion to the joints that allows you to move more freely and reduces stress points throughout the body.

Functional Rehabilitation

Many musculoskeletal conditions are either caused or exacerbated by certain movements throughout daily life. Whether it is getting out of bed or picking a box up off the ground, our daily lives constantly require us to move in different directions. Muscles are what allow us to move, but injuries, poor posture, and/or inactivity can cause some to overwork, and others not to work at all. This often creates bad movement patterns and instability which can result in pain, discomfort, and a higher susceptibility to injury. During office visits, we work to restore that balance to your body by activating and/or relaxing certain muscles of concern. Away from the office, patients can help themselves by performing various exercises designed to further promote the strengthening and healing process. These exercises prescribed by Dr. Jaicks are simple and require minimal to no equipment. More importantly, they empower you as a patient to actively influence your pain/dysfunction and accelerate the progression of your treatment.

Soft Tissue Techniques

When muscles, tendons and/or ligaments are tight and painful, Dr. Jaicks will use various soft tissue techniques to address the problem. Dr. Jaicks has training in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Treatment, Myofascial Release, and various stretching techniques such as Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR). All of these techniques aim to increase the motion and function of the tissues while reducing pain and inflammation. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Treatment involves hand controlled instruments, instead of the doctors’ hands, to reduce muscular adhesions. Myofascial Release involves the doctor applying manual pressure to various points while the patient goes through various motions to break up adhesions. PIR is a muscle relaxation technique that is effective at releasing tension and reducing trigger points.

End Range Loading

End range loading is a safe, effective, and evidence-based way to treat patients with dysfunction or injury to intervertebral discs. These issues most commonly present in the low back and lower parts of the neck. Patients with disc issues often suffer from movement and function loss due to pain and decreases in range of motion. Disc protrusion and herniations are caused when the disc is under too much pressure near its front and center areas. It then bulges through cracks in the outer regions at the back of the disc. When the disc bulges it causes inflammation and irritation to nerves, often radiating pain down an arm or leg. If left untreated, this can eventually lead to loss of muscle strength and sensation. End range loading is a protocol that reduces the irritation and inflammation to the sensitive parts of the back by repeated movements. By using this approach, patients learn self-treatment protocols that allow them to return to function while aiding their recovery.

Nerve Flossing/Mobilization

Nerves travel through or alongside muscles, tendons, and ligaments to reach their final point of influence. If they can’t move smoothly, they become irritated and patients may experience pain along the path of that nerve. By utilizing nerve mobilization techniques to remove any obstruction, Dr. Jaicks can help alleviate pain and tension along the nerve to regain pain-free range of motion.

Movement Screenings/Gait Analysis

Patients with complaints in the lower half of the body often have improper mechanics when they walk or run. These mechanics develop as we mature from infant to young adult. A thorough analysis of children can determine whether their movement patterns are functional or if they need guidance in their movement. Athletes of all ages can help prevent injury and improve performance by catching improper movement patterns early and working to correct them.


Dr. Jaicks promotes an anti-inflammatory diet. The average American diet is pro-inflammatory, which means many of the things we consume are not only hard for the body to break down and absorb, but they irritate the digestive system. When the body is in a constant state of inflammation, regardless if it causes pain, it cannot react and adapt to the stresses of daily life as well. Inflammation is a key contributor to many of today’s most significant health conditions (heart disease, cancer, etc). Educating patients on proper diet choices can aid in recovery and provide long lasting results. After gathering more information about you and your conditions, Dr. Jaicks may recommend certain natural supplements to aid in your recovery.