What to Expect

What to Expect

Starting Off: Our doctor believes that understanding your conditions and the treatments associated with them are crucial to seeing the best results. Every step will be explained for your understanding and comfort. Your first visit will last around 45 minutes, which allows time for your conditions to be attended to comprehensively and for all questions and concerns to be addressed. During your first visit, you’ll receive:

A Comprehensive Health Evaluation

After discussing your condition and its related factors, you’ll have a comprehensive evaluation to assess what its cause is. This evaluation is an active experience consisting of orthopedic and neurological testing, as well as functional assessments like gait analysis, joint mobility, muscle activity, and posture analysis. Depending on your specific complaints, Dr. Jaicks may also ask to observe certain movements (like bending and lifting) that may worsen symptoms to determine the most effective treatments. Again, this is an interactive and informative experience so findings will be explained and questions are encouraged.

No X-rays are taken at the office. If clinically indicated, Dr. Jaicks will refer out for the proper imaging.

A Solution to Your Health Needs

After we have an understanding of your condition and what factors are involved, we will discuss your treatments and establish goals. These treatments will often include adjustments , soft tissue treatments , therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises in office. Self-treatment and home exercises are then prescribed and demonstrated to continue the healing process between appointments. Like your evaluation, Dr. Jaicks promotes that you be active in your own care. This empowers you to become more familiar with your issues and accelerate your recovery.

Evolving Care: As your health and conditions continue to improve and progress, so will your treatments. Our goal is to resolve pain and improve quality of life naturally by improving musculoskeletal health. When Dr. Jaicks observes certain improvements, whether in strength, stability, or mobility, he may introduce different treatments during visits and/or home exercises.

Request an appointment or more information at 724-220-4246 or online. We look forward to being part of your health solution!